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Flume Premieres New Track “Quirk” In Video of Him Surfing

Leave it to Flume to find one of the most creative, low key and badass ways to premiere his latest track.

In a new video aptly titled ‘Day of the Wave’, the Australian DJ and producer goes for a surf at “Surf Ranch”, a Central California-based artificial wave pool created by professional surfer Kelly Slater. The concept behind the pool is to uniquely design the “most perfect wave in the world” for athletes to enjoy. With pro surfer Stephanie Gilmore by his side, the artist paddles out and catches his first artificial wave – something he notes in the video as a dream he’s had for many years. The track overlaying the video is no other than a new track titled “Quirk“, one of the many on his upcoming EP.

The track itself is nothing less than what we’d expect – catchy, funky and truly experimental in a way that will have you wanting more. As we watch Flume ride what truly seems to be the endless, perfect wave, we get to enjoy what just might be a perfect track as well.

Check the video out and order his forthcoming EP here.

Torie Richardson
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