Kraftwerk Is Now Allowed To Perform In Buenos Aires

buenos aires

buenos aires

German electronic group Kraftwerk has been forced to cancel an upcoming show on November 23rd in Buenos Aires, Argentina because of a recent city ban on electronic music shows. This ban came about after a number of attendees passed away due to drug overdoses at Time Warp Festival.

The group applied for the necessary permits required for the group to have the show, along as well as the required 30 days notice. They were given the green light to sell tickets and sold about 70% of the available tickets, though ultimately the Buenos Aires city officials denied the permit for the event.

Their reasoning? Although the show is not an electronic music festival like Time Warp, because they use synthesizers or samplers in their performance, they fit under the electronic music ban.

Thankfully, the show promoters filed an appeal and a Buenos Aires court has decided to reverse the decision. Kraftwerk’s show will take place on November 23rd as planned.

H/T: DJ Mag