Meet the Man behind Kygo’s success


main Meet Myles Shear – the man responsible for the rapid rise of famous tropical house DJs Kygo and Thomas Jack.

Shear is a 23-year-old natural entrepreneur with a keen eye for artistry as well as solid investments, having put together his own management company and invested in streaming services such as India’s Saavn.

Recently in a Forbes interview, Shear detailed his tactics and outlined the musical journey with Kygo and Thomas Jack from a business and artistic perspective. Shear’s interest in the dance community stems from his own exploration into producing and DJing. Eventually he started his own music blog and that allowed himself to make the proper connections to start his own management company. Shear says:

“When I was 18 I went to college, and I ended up moving over to Full Sail, which is a college dedicated to entertainment business and music. When I went there, I decided I needed to figure out a way to get my music out there more. I created a blog called EDM Sauce. All of my other friends were creating blogs, so I figured if I could put all of these blogs together, what could happen? So I started doing that with my own music around that time, and it wasn’t really working. So I thought, ‘Maybe it’s my music?’”

Utilizing SoundCloud as well as the blog as a platform for discovery is the brilliant formula used by Shear to really jumpstart the careers of Kygo and Thomas Jack.

Shear describes the situation: “I was just about to turn 20, and I reached out to Kyrre on Facebook to represent him. I said, “I love your music. I came across you on SoundCloud.” I told him what I was up to and what my vision was. I got on a Skype call with him, and I think he liked my enthusiasm, because the next thing you know, I was managing Kygo.”

Shear talks about booking their first show in Paris and describes the room as small – and now they’ve just sold out an arena in Paris – all of this will be detailed in their documentary. Ultimately it was Shear’s inexperience that allowed him to really grow into being a manager and being involved in the entire process for each of his clients. Shear’s saying is: “No experience is the new experience.”

Check out the video below to learn more about Shear as well as his journey with Kygo: