Marshmello Uploads New Version Of “Ritual” Music Video


It’s been a long time coming for this track. Yesterday Marshmello finally made his first appearance on Skrillex’s OWSLA label with future bass hit “Ritual” with American singer-songwriter Wrabel.

Wrabel’s powerful and friendly vocals mesh perfectly with the overall light mood of this groovy single. Overall, this is easily Marshmello’s most commercially palatable song he has ever put out; this song would definitely fly on American radio.

Marshmello created quite a buzz for “Ritual” after playing it while opening for Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas in Florida this past July. the way..Marshmello opened for Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas. I hope that’s news to people other than just me, wow, what a feat. It’s clear Marshmello has been itching to release this track, given it’s Marshmello’s “favorite song I’ve ever made”.

Marshmello and deadmau5 have had some beef as of late, prompting Marshmello to include a fake mau5 in his “Ritual” video. deadmau5 responded to the video yesterday and it looks like Marshmello has been forced to make an pretty noticeable edit. His camp has uploaded a new version that does not feature the mau5 cameo. It looks like deadmau5 has filed copyright claims to have his mau5 head removed:

Interestingly enough, the old version is unlisted, but still live, so you can watch both below. The new version is first and the old version (with fake deadmau5) is second.