Nina Kraviz Replies to Critics About Too Little Techno

Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz

This past weekend at the Smalltown open air event with Nina Kraviz, Marcel Dettmann & Bjarki hosted in Melbourne, fans weren’t 100 percent on board with the songs with the techno queen’s choice of tunes she included in her set. In response, Kraviz has wrote a fairly verbose statement, going into quite the detail about song selection and transitions. “I have to be honest – it a was a wild, ravy mix even to my own standards:) I never plan my sets and it goes totally unpredictable. This time I felt comfortable and a bit lose and only on these sort of occasions I feel confident enough to play 100% Acidiferous-“tank” at its original speed without a fear of being misunderstood” Kraviz explains.

The producer/DJ from Russia played Eric Martin’s “Emergency”, Dj Slugo’s “Wouldn’t” Bjarki’s “Fresh Jive”, Mira aka ISHOME or Shadowax’s ” I Want to Be a Stewardess” and “last but not least there was also fast, trancy, acid techno part with some classics, unreleased and pretty hard to find tracks including one rare Australian made trance track that mimicries a techno track if served slower,” as she described her experience from behind the decks in front of 4,000 attendees hosted by local promoters Novel.