Fan Creates Orchestral Version of “Shelter”



Porter Robinson and Madeon‘s newest hit “Shelter” is nothing short of sheer beauty and stunning art. When ‘Shelter the Animation’ was released, the song gained even further ground by setting the song to a story. The animation takes viewers into the world of Rin, a young female whose father built a space capsule for her to create her own world in. The song is used as a backdrop for the short anime to help propel the story forward. In addition to the beautiful music, an orchestral version follows after the main song has finished playing out. This emotionally provoking section of the video has caused a frenzy amongst fans who have all shared their experiences of tears falling.

While there has been no official release of the orchestral version, many fans have lent a hand in trying to recreate this beautiful minute and a half of music. Lucas Gottfried is one of several talented individuals to cover the song. In addition to releasing his version on YouTube, he also provides the sheet music for his composition. Take a listen to the beautiful song below.