Schimanski Under Fire After Forcing Out Talent Buyer for Supporting Trump


It’s ironic when a scene that preaches togetherness, understanding, and tolerance produces people that quickly forget those principles in the face of differing political views. Brooklyn’s newest nightclub Schimanski recently took over the space of the ill-fated Verboten and was off to a good start. Under talent buyer, Thomas Dunkley, the club was building a respectable buzz. Dunkley also works with the well known NYC venue Webster Hall.

In the wake of President Trump‘s victory over Hillary Clinton, Dunkley posted on Facebook that he supported Trump’s policies on foreign policy, immigration, and marijuana legalization. Suddenly, the community of tolerance became anything but, as local DJs like Umfang, Turtle Bugg, and The Long Count Cycle cancelled their shows in protest. Soon after, Dunkley was forced to resign and “apologize” for expressing his policy preference.¬†Since Dunkley’s ouster, the DJs rebooked their shows in a distressing display of irony. While Schimanski may not be a proponent of the¬†First Amendment, patrons will of course be free to continue to express their own freedoms. If you respect America’s freedom of speech, this writer implores you to take your money elsewhere and make you disagreement known by leaving a review here.

Source: Resident Advisor