Snapchat Spectacles Are On Sale Today From “Snapbot” Machines


Recently, Snapchat made moves from being just an app company to a larger vision with the introduction of Snapchat Spectacles, a $130 pair of sunglasses featuring a camera that connects to your phone, allowing you to take and send snaps from the gadget. Today, they’re on sale – but only in a handful of bright yellow vending machines deemed “Snapbots.”


The Snapbots will be in place for roughly a day, starting with the first in Venice Beach, CA. If you’re interested in purchasing a pair, you can find a bot on the Spectacles map. Thus far, they’ve been a huge attraction for consumers searching for the machine and hoping to get their hands on their own pair.

According to Snapchat, you will only be able to purchase the product through these vending machines at this point and time and for the first few months of product availability.

At this point in the day, the Spectacles are no longer available at the current Snapbot machine, though we’re hoping to see a larger product supply when the next machine is placed.