Steve James Teams with Splice for “In My Head” Remix Opportunity

In My Head

Gotta love it when artists give back to their community. Sometime’s that’s gear giveaways, sometimes it’s free shows, sometimes it’s something as simple as meet n’ greets and just interacting with the people directly…other times though, they provide major opportunities. In the case of Steve James, he’s giving away all the stems to his last original single, “In My Head,” with commentary, and a chance for him to throw support to the best remix(es) out there.

“In My Head” hit Apple Music Hot Tracks, Spotify Viral Hits, was a Hype Machine #1, Soundcloud #1 Trending, and…perhaps the biggest thing of all, it was a Beats 1 Zane Lowe Premiere. It’s been an absolutely massive tune, tons of hype, and tons of remix potential. Steve recounts how his career has been driven by the success of his remixes, and if this opportunity manages to put even one new kid on the map it’d be a true mission accomplished. You can check out the stems, and some cool commentary from Steve himself over at, and via the embed below.



“Whats up Splice community! My name is Steve James, an 18 year old DJ/producer living in LA and making music. I’m really excited to be partnering up with Splice for my latest single with RKCB “In My Head.” Remixes have always been a huge part of my life and career, so I’m stoked as always to share all my parts and give everyone a chance to work with the original I’ve made. This time with Splice is especially cool getting to share some of the creative process on how this track came to be. So check out my comments, download the stems, and make something fun, weird, energetic, or sad. or whatever makes you happy! I look forward to checking them all out and choosing my favorites, feel free to host on your Soundclouds!”