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12th Planet, Virtual Riot, & Twine – Gully Squad

gully squad

12th Planet, Virtual Riot, & Twine – Gully Squad

If space travel was easy to achieve and you could choose any planet to throw a party on, which would it be? Think about that for a second; very little gravity, no pesky neighbors to complain, and a definite mind altering experience. If your answer wasn’t 12th Planet, then you should reconsider your decision. Now, I know the producer 12th Planet isn’t an actual planet, but could you imagine the party he would throw? Toss in producers Virtual Riot and Twine and you’ve got yourself their latest raunchy banger, “Gully Road.”

One listen to this track and you’ll agree, this song was made for deep space. This collaboration is a monster and from start to finish a track that will destroy dance floors and melt faces – pretty standard for 12th Planet. Be sure you check out the stream of this one and snag the download. Whatever you do, strap in tight, because this one’s ready to blast off!

12th Planet, Virtual Riot, & Twine – Gully Squad|Download

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