6 Hospitalized, 1 Dead After All Ages Toronto Nightclub Show


Sadly, bad news is becoming all too common in the dance music community and unfortunately we have more, as we have learned that 1 person has died and 6 have been hospitalized after an event at a Toronto nightclub.

Rebel nightclub in Toronto held an “all ages” night last weekend that ended in 6 people have to be rushed to the hospital with another one, a 19-year-old woman, ending up dead after visiting the emergency room.

“This has been going on way too long,” said Coun. Giorgio Mammoliti.

One woman there witnessed someone being helped by staff. When she described the encounter, she noted: “She went past and security was taking her out along with a couple of her friends, but they all had to like carry her,” said Jamie Lee.

“We thought that we were going to lose her,” said the father of a 16-year-old who was taken to hospital Friday night. She has since been released from hospital.

All ages events are tough topics because while young people want to be included in the fun, they are not legally adults yet. Beyond that, in situations like raves and nightclubs where drugs can be found, mixing in minors can lead to more dangerous situations. We also do not know of all the overdoses occurring with minors like we do with adults because of privacy laws. Some parents in Toronto want a ban on “all ages” events but the mayor is not necessarily agreeing, saying that banning “all age” events will not address the issue of drug use. While this is true that the root problem is drug use and what those drugs are, maybe a pause on events for people under age will help while a plan is developed.

Our thoughts go out to the families of the deceased.