Canadian Grandma Sentenced to 6 Years For Smuggling 155,500 Ecstasy Pills Into US

Ecstacy, Grandma

Ecstacy, Grandma
Tina Howe, a 58-year-old grandma from British Columbia, has been officially sentenced to slightly over six years under the charge of smuggling ecstasy into the United States according to the Vancouver Sun.

In September of this year, Howe plead guilty to the crime which occurred in 2007. Howe was caught, alongside Maria Cooke, when their van spilled out over 155,000 pills of ecstasy on the highway as they were attempting to smuggle the pills into the U.S. She will be serving her sentence in the US.

Interestingly enough, when Howe was arrested, she proclaimed the reason for smuggling the pills was to save her son’s life as he was indebted to drug traffickers back in British Columbia.

From a letter filed in 2015 by Howe’s daughter-in-law: “He wanted to get out of dealing and turn his life around, which led to people wanting him dead.”

However, Howe didn’t name any specific organizations responsible for the threats and also admitted to multiple smuggling trips. After Howe was initially released on bail, she disappeared for nearly a decade before being found again.