Citiez – Night Sky (Low Cut Remix)


Citiez Low Cut

Citiez – Night Sky (Low Cut Remix)

Coming off their Anjunadeep showcase in Denver where they debuted their remix of “Night Sky” by Citiez on THNK TNK Records, the indie electro pop tune worthy of a feature at the end of a soundtrack is turned inside out by Low Cut as they display their production prowess in a deep house rendition.

Bursting out of the gates, the pounding kick drums and vocal snippets attract the listeners attention until full lyrical magic is able to take hold. The gentle swells in the background coupled with the guitar plucks taken from the original to fill the track up with a gradually build and addition of intensity. The grand finale features a guitar shredding solo that will melt the mind and soul into gravy with the pure smoothness of the chosen patch from the amp.

Out now on all platforms, this will make a great addition to those New Years Eve party mixes we all know will be made!

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