DJs Obsess Over Indonesian “Om Telolet Om” Meme

om telolet om

Social media has a way of taking an inside joke and spreading it around the globe within hours. Case in point: how many DJs have you seen posting something about “Om Telolet Om” in the past 24 hours? Let’s be honest, you probably ran a Google search or something trying to figure out wtf was going on. The entire dance music community seems to have gone through that process today and the Indonesian meme has spread like wildfire.

At the outset, the meme apparently mimics the sound of Indonesian city buses and started with this Facebook video. The phrase literally means “sir, honk your horn sir” which children would shout at the buses passing by. Admittedly, the buses have a very electronic sound to them as some DJs  This became so popular that traffic jams began forming throughout the country.

This meme spread over into EDM world when Indonesians began spamming DJ social media accounts with the phrase. Just like you, the DJs responded to seeing the phrase with “wtf?” and sought to find out what it was. And because it’s 2016 the entire EDM community has now hopped on this craze. I mean, you can’t possibly allow an inside joke to go around the internet without being in on it, right? Seriously, below is only a small fraction of the DJ posts about this from today. We could go on all day.

Source: Billboard