Donald Trump Meets with Kanye West to Talk About Life


Donald Trump continues his back to back to back meeting schedule as he builds his cabinet and plans out his first Presidential term. It has almost become a running gag that nobody is too surprising¬†for a meeting. We’ve seen former bitter rivals like Ted Cruz, Mitt Romney, and Carly Fiorina and we’ve seen him meet with some even more surprising names like Larry King, Nigel Farage, Bill de Blasio, Peter Thiel, Robert Kraft, Ray Lewis, and the founder of BET. In a nod to our pop-culture obsession, few meetings will generate more buzz than today’s impromptu sit down with none other than Kanye West.

Fresh off his stint in psychiatric lock up that followed a series of Pro-Trump concert rants, Kanye West joined the list of power players that rode the gilded elevator at Trump Tower. The two were seen as Kanye left looking quite chummy. Trump said the two have been “very close friends” for a long time. Kanye kept quiet and only added,

“I just wanted to take a picture right now.”

Why would Trump be meeting with Kanye West? TMZ reports that there was no talk about the inauguration performance or any role in the administration. ¬†To make it even weirder, reports say that Kanye left President Trump a photo book of people in hoodies, displays of tattoos, and nude photos. The book will reportedly not go anywhere near Trump’s coffee table. At this point the only weirder people to spot entering Trump Tower might be the members of Daft Punk or Swedish House Mafia. Nothing is off limits anymore.