EDC New York Cancelled for 2017, New Stage for Vegas

edc new york

It’s already looking like 2017 is going to continue the dark trend of festival cancellations off-years. This must be what the bubble bursting looks like. As has been a bit of a yearly tradition, Insomniac CEO Pasquale Rotella took to Facebook to give his recap of the year and look ahead. We’ll hit the big tidbits for you and you can check his full post below.

Countdown Expands to 2 Nights

This year all stages will be hosted outside in massive tents.

Beyond Wonderland leaves San Manuel Ampitheater

Due to difficulties with the local government, Beyond Wonderland is returning to the NOS Convention center. Dreamstate gets its own stage while Bassrush gets its own outdoor structure.

EDC Japan is Coming in 2017

After having to cancel its 2016 debut, Insomniac is making EDC Japan official for Tokyo in 2017. EDC Mexico aims to become Insomniac’s 2nd biggest festival.

EDC New York is Not Happening in 2017

Is it another casualty of the festival bubble or some sort of creative new planning? EDC New York was Insomniac’s 2nd biggest festival, but it appears Insomniac is choosing to focus on Mexico instead. EDC New York has been held every year since 2012.

EDC Vegas News

Kinetic Field is going to be “completely reimagined” and the festival will get get an entirely new stage. For the sad New Yorkers, there will be an Art Car commemorating NY DJs.

Nocturnal Wonderland moving

Nocturnal Wonderland will change weekends and move towards a boutique, blacklit, back to basics approach.

Full Speed Ahead for Middlelands

All eyes are on Insomniac’s newest festival, Middlelands in Texas.

Miscellaneous News

Insomniac’s clothing line will be relauching and the company will kick off a new podcast called Wide Awake Stories.