Martin Garrix Talks Bieber & A Potential New Side Project In MTV Interview


Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix recently sat down with MTV for an interview about the current state of his musical career.

EDM is becoming more “mainstream” everyday and as a result, the genre seeing increased attention from big brands like MTV. Another effect is that DJs are collaborating with big artists all the time, with the most significant one being Justin Bieber. In this interview, done at Omnia Nightclub, Martin tells us that he and Bieber have bonded and gotten close recently due to their similarities like being young stars that spend a lot of time touring on the road. He says they both spend most of their time writing and touring and have that in common. Garrix also reveals that he makes music outside of the electronic realm on the side and hopes to officially release it one day via a side project that is under his real name. To see the full interview, check out the video below.