Pendulum Appears Set to Tour as a Live Band in 2017


Exactly a year ago today, December 17th 2015, Rob Swire hinted at a possible Pendulum reunion. We all know very well what that reunion ended up being, as the band returned triumphantly to close out the main stage at Ultra Music Festival 2016. While the Pendulum faithful expected the reunion performance to culminate in a 2016 tour as a live band, Ultra would end up being their only full band performance in 2016; the rest of their appearances would be DJ sets performed by Paul Harding, occasionally bringing MC Verse along to handle the hype man duties. Now, those prayers seem to have been answered as Pendulum appears to be preparing for another, and much bigger return of the live band in 2017.

The first clue came when Pendulum’s official Facebook page uploaded the following image:

Shortly after, Austria’s Nova Rock Festival announced further additions to their lineup, including Knife Party Pendulum (Live). While the image is ambiguous, and the Nova Rock announcement is just one festival, the writing appears to be on the wall. Harding did a full run of DJ sets in 2016, so it hardly makes sense that they would upload this image only to stick with that format. Additionally, it should be noted that their Ultra performance only included their most notable songs, while the DJ sets spanned the entire Pendulum catalogue, even including some of Knife Party’s greatest hits. Perhaps the one live performance was simply building anticipation for something much bigger that is now coming to fruition.

Any further information is probably unlikely until the New Year, but it seems there is much to be excited for. As they did at this time last year, the band is leaving their hopeful fan base questioning what is next to come. Who knows, maybe they’ve seen some studio time in the last year and this announcement means that album they’re contracted for is on the way. For now, a live Pendulum performance at Nova Rock Festival is confirmed, and we’ll be patiently waiting for further updates from the group. If all remains as it seems, expect something massive from Pendulum in 2017.