Resident Advisor Releases Their Top 100 DJs List


Most people have seen the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs list. If you weren’t too pleased with its results, don’t worry – fortunately we have another well-respected company that does a Top 100 DJs poll: Resident Advisor.

Their list is much more House and Techno-centric as compared to DJ Mag but still gives us great insight on the years hottest rising DJs in the music industry. RA states in their intro that the art form of DJing does not get enough credit, which many of us can agree with. Beyond that, it’s not just the music that people pay to see, but also the experiences in the clubs, venues, and on the dance floor that has everyone lining up to get tickets. The DJs that are true masters of their craft have all this in mind when they are onstage and must know how to feel the crowd in the room to know where to go next with their performance. RA did their best to compile a list of the Top 100 DJs who bring that art form to life at night.

Curious who was picked and what they sound like? Here are the top ten artists, with some of our favorite sets from each:

  1. Dixon

2. Jackmaster

3. Tale Of Us

4. Maceo Plex

5. Solomun

6. Adam Beyer

7. Ame

8. Bicep

9. Ben UFO

10. The Black Madonna

Head over to their website here to check out the rest of the list.