Samsung Follows Suit In Removing Headphone Jack


There have been many opinions on the stripping of the 3.5mm headphone jack from their flagship models in recent months. First LeEco, then their competitor Lenovo and their Moto Z line. Next came Apple. Not at all a surprise since there were whispers floating around the rumor mill for months that the iPhone would ditch theirs as well. Now it seems Android is up to bat with their choice.

With rumors swirling around the Samsung Galaxy S8 release for both sides, those no have been squashed and confirmed they will be joining the bandwagon as well. There are a few advantages to this selection, including a thinner product, bigger battery and possibly integrated stereo speakers from Harman, a company that Samsung is acquiring for $8 billion. Nothing else will be revealed before the debut of the S8 in February next year at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.