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Third Party – Live Forever

live forever

Third Party – Live Forever

As different as we all are, there may be one thing that we all have in common: when listening to dance music, we hear that one song that makes us want to live forever. Whether it happens in the front row of a local show or under a starry, festival sky, we don’t want the feeling to ever end. It’s feeling so strong that if we could bottle it up, I’m sure we’d try. That’s the feeling Third Party has recreated with their latest track, “Live Forever.”

Third Party is an up-and-coming duo out of the UK. These two are actually childhood friends which could possibly explain their chemistry when it comes to musical production. Their latest track is evidence of some serious dedication to their craft and to producing music that will make you feel alive. You might be able to catch them at one of their upcoming live shows as they bounce around the globe. But if not, you can download or stream their latest track and see if it builds that feeling inside of you too!

Third Party – Live Forever | Download

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