Transmission Festival Achieves Nirvana with Stunning Lazer Show


Stop what you’re doing, because you’ve got to see this. Transmission Festival has established itself as possibly the most awe-inspiring festival experience in existence. The combination of the biggest names in dance music, spectacular visuals, and live acts equate to a festival that is a definite must see for any dance music fan. For dance fans interested in attending one of the events, prepare to travel as these events only take place in the Czech Republic, Thailand, and Australia. For those lucky enough to attend, the experience is legendary.

Transmission Festival is known for bringing some of the biggest trance names in the industry and as seen in the video the Czech Republic edition features a closing set from Vini Vici. The featured track is a collab between Vini Vici and Armin van Buuren, “Great Spirit and matches the intensity of the ridiculous laser light show. The video speaks volumes for the magnificence of the festival, so be prepared, you’re going to want to see this.

You can also check out the full set below.