[WATCH] Day For Night Aphex Twin Set



Aphex Twin
Photo: Roger Ho

The Aphex Twin experience at Day For Night this past weekend was more than anyone had asked for. A typical Houston night in December one would rarely call winter as 70 degree temperatures and heavy humidity blanketed the outside environment.

As the cloudy skies surrounding the main stage in downtown Houston where Aphex Twin was performing was hiding a cold front that was supposed to roll in after the festival had concluded on day one. It had other plans.


APHEX TWIN!!!! AND A STORM IS BREWING! Please Be safe everyone~~ #aphextwin #houston #dayfornight

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One gust of wind brought in rain and a 30 degree temperature drop in a matter of minutes; sending patrons into a frenzy. While cooling off the crowd and welcomed by most, after the initial shock, many individuals ran for cover or went to the merch booth to purchase warmer garments.



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The show itself was as magical and weird as expected with the world as well as myself being more than excited for the British Legend Richard D. James’ return to the musical circuit.