Dave Clarke and Monolake Refuse to Play In Trump’s America


Dave Clarke

The new Republican administration under President Donald Trump has sparked much controversy over policies which have overtaken the news circuit, inciting protests across America and the world. The implications of Trump’s most recent executive orders have even taken a toll in the dance community. European techno DJs Dave Clarke and Monolake have recently made public statements about not renewing their American work visas for future endeavors.

Monolake has cancelled his already-booked shows in the U.S. due to his refusal of “being a tourist when coming for concerts” and not wanting “to be on the mercy of perhaps having the privilege to be allowed in because someone randomly decides [he] is not a threat”. Techno legend David Clarke commends the U.S for having great influence throughout his career but refuses “coming to the U.S professionally when there is a misogynist, narcissist, racist President in office” and that his “work permit would not be renewed due to [Trumps] ‘Hire American’ policy”.

The two artists have made a clear assurance for fans not to take their decisions personally and that they are saddened by the loss of art due to politics. Only time will tell if other DJs will follow a similar path.