Eric Prydz Celebrates ‘New Year’s Day’ With A U2 Edit


New Year's Day

The all-time king of progressive house, Eric Prydz, is back with another remix that will blow all of you away.

Prydz played at Decadence in Colorado for New Year’s Eve and did not disappoint. His performances are known for being huge, not just with the music, but also his visuals and overall production. He puts more time, effort and money into his entire production than anyone else and it really shows on stage.  Even though he didn’t bring his EPIC setup to Decadence, his set was still one of the most anticipated and for good reason.

Another one of Eric’s signatures is his personal edits of big hit songs and on NYE, he played his own remix of U2’s “New Year’s Day”. It’s rumored that he premiered this remix in 2014, but he plays some songs so rarely that it’s hard to tell when their first beginnings are. Check out the YouTube video below to hear the Eric Prydz private edit of “New Year’s Day”.