Four Tet Makes Playlist of Music from Trump’s Banned Countries


Four Tet
It’s no secret that there has been an apparent disconnect between the entertainment world and political world lately. However, sometimes when the two do collide, they create an opportunity for 29 hours of eclectic musical exploration. Producer Kieran Hebden, known by his stage name Four Tet, has created a Spotify playlist of songs all from countries that are included in President Trump’s temporary travel ban.  Now up to 336 songs, Four Tet has included an assortment of multiple genres,  showcasing some of the best music from artists that have come out of these 7 countries.

In 2013, Four Tet produced Syrian artist Omar Souleyman‘s LP Wenu Wenu, and has been drawn musical stylings that come out of the area since. The playlist contains artists from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan. With over 13,00 followers already, Four Tet continues adding to it daily.  If you’re looking to find some new music, here’s an entire days worth for you!