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Further Future Will Not Hold FF003 Event This Year

After two years of its annual event in the desert just outside of Las Vegas, Further Future has announced that it will not move forward with their 2017 event.

The FF team announced this late last week via social media and by email. In their detailed email, they wrote that they are “entering a new phase in the evolution of Further Future” and that “some changes are happening, including to our event schedule.” As they dove into move details, the email read:

Our mission is to create space for the exploration of the further future.  The further future represents what can happen after what is predictably next. Setting our focal point further than the future supports two important concepts for our organization. First, the opportunity to question the values and assumptions of how things are today and in the foreseeable future. Second, everyone has the opportunity to shape the further future.
With the first two years behind us and a mission and set of values to guide us as we move forward, we are now focusing on the evolution of the Further Future concept. In order to devote the attention required to do so, we will not be holding a large event in the first half of 2017.
Instead, we will use the time to explore and experiment with various alternative forms the Further Future concept and values might take, and we look forward to experiencing them with you in the coming year.

In the email, the team also announced that they are “in the process of converting our company to a public benefit corporation”, which, they explain, means that FF “is committing itself to creating a material positive impact on society and to operating in a responsible and sustainable manner.”

The festival has had quite an aura around its name and, in turn, quite a reputation – often called the “Burning Man for the 1%”, it’s an intriguing experience that combines an eclectic musical lineup from well-known Burning Man group Robot Heart, TED-style talks from thought leaders across various industries, yoga and wellness activities and more. It brings out the most interesting audience – from tech billionaires to average festival-lovers alike – and creates an atmosphere of shared knowledge, experience and experimentation in an entirely new way.

As an attendee last year, I was truly looking forward to seeing the event in its next iteration – though it looks like we’ll have to wait another year for that one. In the meantime, we’re keeping an eye on what comes next from the FF crew.

You can see the Facebook post below and read the full contents of the email on their website.

Torie Richardson
Editor In Chief. San Francisco. Haus, techno and music festivals.
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