GRiZMATiK – As We Proceed


As We Proceed

GRiZMATiK – As We Proceed

The funk gods, GRiZ and Gramatik, are back and more excited than ever to release their new track ‘As We Proceed’ right before the weekend. We can assume from Twitter that the date of the release was done intentionally to coincide with the Inauguration of Donald Trump.

But with politics aside, this track will definitely be one for the books. A subtle piano plays in the background and an echo of soulful vocals fill the atmosphere. In typical GRiZmatik fashion, trumpets build up to an overwhelming voice boldly singing, “GRiZmatik!” Any follower of these two knows that a drop like this means its time to get the funk down. Both artists released two spectacular albums towards the end of 2016. Listen to Good Will Prevail and Epigram to start your own funk party. 2017 has been a great year so far and there’s no telling where these two will take us as we proceed. Enjoy!

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