Major Lazer Partners With Bacardi For “Sound of Rum” Project


Major Lazer and Bacardi have partnered for Sound of Rum.

Major Lazer‘s music is often known for their party anthems like “Watch Out For This” and “Bubble Butt.” Now to take this up a notch, the trio has partnered with Bacardi – that’s right, the rum company – for a new initiative.

The project, called Sound of Rum, will encompass a variety of treats for fans including new songs, shows, and you guessed it: even a new Bacardi rum.

Major Lazer, which is composed of Diplo, Walshy Fire and Jillionaire, is “down with working with people who want to accelerate what [they] want to do musically, invest in [their] ideas, and create cultural moments and memories,” said Diplo in a press release.

The music and image Bacardi will create with Major Lazer is a mix of reggae, dancehall, hip-hop and electronic, according to Billboard… all of the sounds Major Lazer fans already know and love.

“The way Bacardi celebrates music and culture matches how we celebrate music and culture,” Walshy Fire said in a press release. “They totally feel us when we say we want to make the world smaller by making the party bigger.”

Aside from new songs, the first of which being called “Run It,” Major Lazer will work with Bacardi to produce other ventures like a documentary about rum.

The partnership formed because Bacardi wants to work with musicians with similar roots and ambitions, said Zara Mirza, Head of Creative Excellence for Bacardi.

“I think this could be the future of music partnerships,” she said.

While you’re waiting, give a listen to an old school Major Lazer track from back in 2013 below.

h/t: Billboard