Updated Again: Porter Robinson Disowns Older Music in Bizarre Tirade

porter robinson

Porter Robinson might just be the George R.R. Martin of dance music. He’s a huge perfectionist, and has no problem prolonging his creative periods to hone his final product into what he wants. He also struggles with periods of writer’s block and has occasionally given us a glimpse into the pain these periods cause for him. Porter has spoken recently about his own depression throughout 2015, but it appears he might be entering another bout of creative frustration.

On Monday night Porter went on a bizarre Twitter rant, declaring 11 of his tracks as “the canon” and the rest as unofficial.¬†

Sorry to you that love “Say My Name” or “100% in This Bitch“, because apparently those are out the window now. The exact meaning behind this remains unclear. Did Porter not produce those¬†other tracks on his own or is he simply ditching music that doesn’t meet his new style? This is comparable to Star Wars’ own jettison of numerous side stories and fan fiction to define its own “canon” when Disney took over.


Facebook commentators have noted that the real reasoning behind this tirade is that Spotify released an Essential Porter playlist that only included those 11 tracks. Understandably, Porter was pissed and posted those tweets sarcastically. So actually Porter is irritated that Spotify could only distill 11 worthwhile tracks out of Porter’s discography. It seems they recognize that most fans looking for a Porter Essential Playlist in 2017 probably have no idea what “Say My Name” or complextro is.


So actually our first guess was the right one. Porter is disowning his older tracks.