Skrillex Drops Epic “The Same Place” Mini-Doc


Skrillex is the modern day rock star, traveling the world and having an amazing time while doing so. Sonny and his entourage share plenty of their travels with us via Snapchat, Facebook live, Instagram, and more already. Skrillex decided to take it a step further, enlisting his trusty video-sidekick, Jas Davis, to put together an absolutely incredible mini documentary called The Same Place for his 2016 travels.

Unfortunately, this isn’t a teaser for a new album, but it’s still full of tantalizing tidbits. One thing many fans were quick to take notice of is the beginning where it says “I’m blue, I’m yellow, I’m red”. r/Skrillex on Reddit had many fans speculating that yellow stands for Jack U, Red stands for Skrillex, and perhaps blue stands for Dog Blood. After watching this video, you’ll be in full agreement that you are witnessing the life of this era’s most notable rock star. We can’t wait to see what Skrillex has coming up next. Check out the full video above.