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Soundcloud Strikes on Martin Garrix Again

Martin Garrix

SoundCloud and Martin Garrix have been battling recently over Garrix’s own music being removed from the streaming website. Lately the site recently has been forced by record labels to crack down on music that is copyrighted, which has been causing some run-ins with artists like this.

The platform removes copyrighted music via a computer or some sort of automated process and as of late, SoundCloud has been notorious for removing the songs off artists’ own pages. Martin has had his own songs taken off his page on three occasions now, as it happened with his songs “Don’t Look Down” and “WIEE” already. Soundcloud has been working out some bugs lately and clearly this is one of them, but they still have solidified their name in the streaming industry and it will be interesting to see if dilemmas such as this will continue to damage their reputation.

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