Suspect In Istanbul Nightclub Shooting Confesses



After the tragic shooting at a nightclub in Istanbul on New Year’s Eve, the suspected gun man is thought to be captured. Abdulgadir Masharipov, an Uzbek citizen, is said to be the suspect and he had received help from ISIS in the attack that left 39 people dead. According to a New York Times report, he has confessed to Turkish authorities.

“No one will get away with what they have done,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said from his office in Ankara, the capital.

Masharipov was arrested Monday night by police in Istanbul after a raid on a home in the Esenyurt district. Four others were also arrested, including an Iraqi man and three women. Photos of the suspect were released showing him bloodied and bruised even though it is said Masharipov did not use weapons and neither did the police. It is events like these that remind us to enjoy life while we can. Let’s hope that all responsible parties are brought to justice.