Tidal’s New “Track Edit” Mobile App Feature Lets Anyone Be A DJ

Image source: TechCrunch

Jay-Z‘s music streaming service Tidal, just introduced “Track Edit“, a new feature for its iOS and Android apps. You can access it and try it yourself by opening the Option menu while playing a track on the app.

The feature allows users to alter the tempo and duration of songs, as well as save the edited versions in playlists – essentially granting users the ability to remix songs and create DJ mixes within the app. Though it’s simple, it does allow more room for creativity and interaction by the listener.

Though the company has not commented on the new feature, Track Edit has sparked conversation over the influence that it may have in the interaction between streaming and DJing technologies down the road. Bearing in mind that a feature such as this is not common among streaming services, Tidal could be on to something that Spotify, Apple Music, and crew will need to monitor over the coming months.