Tomorrowland Reveals Throwback 2017 Theme


Tomorrowland sets the bar when it comes to festival environment-building. The themes are so intricate and well thought out that they manage to create a whole new world where the festival takes place. The painstaking detail that goes into each theme has always been impressive, keeping the fans’ anticipation at a fever pitch.

This year’s theme has just been revealed, and it’s called the “Amicorum Spectaculum“, which translates from Latin as “show of friends”. In a departure for the festival, its signature pink logo has gone early 20th century retro. The best way to describe this theme is to think of the classic Christopher Nolan movie, The Prestige. We’re talking Prohibition Era magic shows and carnivals with elephants, tarot cards, and dazzling displays. This theme has enormous┬ápotential, and thankfully Tomorrowland has 2 weekends to show off this Amicorum Spectaculum. Ticket pre-registration kicks off tomorrow here.