Vista Night Club Rumored for Pure Carl Cox Ibiza 2017





And apparently there’s something to know…

Rumors and gossip have started circulating as promotional teasers begin flowing, and we the fans begin speculating over the future venue choice of Pure Carl Cox Ibiza 2017. As of this past Saturday, we finally have reason to believe that Cox will be bringing his Pure festival tour to Privilege’s 2,000-capacity sister venue, Vista Club.

Cox’s plans for the 2017 Ibiza party season were hinted at when he played his entire Carl Cox & Friends party (at London’s Tobacco Dock on New Year’s Day) in a t-shirt boldly stating “PURE CARL COX IBIZA 2017” on the front. Shortly following, a Facebook page under the same name was created and the photo below was posted with the caption “Ibiza 2017… We are coming for you!

Now, the Facebook page under the name “Game Over” – which was created around the same time as “PURE CARL COX IBIZA 2017” – posted the photo (below) of Vista Night Club, with the caption “When nights flow into mornings… #IBIZA2017 #DoYouKnow?

The first photo of Carl Cox links directly to the “Game Over” page, where an image of Vista Night Club, a subtle and intriguing caption, and a geotag in Ibiza, Spain can be found. Following the breadcrumb trail of hints and putting two and two together is fairly obvious, so I think its safe to call this rumor: plausible.