Kristian Nairn aka Hodor Added to Main Stage Lineup for Middlelands Festival


On top of the already stellar lineup that Insomniac and C3 are bringing to the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds in Todd Mission, Texas, which is only 30 minutes north of Houston, the massive Middlelands festival has some more news to share. Kristian Nairn aka Hodor from the Game of Thrones TV show that most of the world has heard of by now, will be joining the cast of ZHU, Marshmello, Griz, Bonobo and more to the main stage or better known as Castle Northwoods as the official lineup for this epic arena was announced yesterday.


While there is a plethora of talent that defines the upper tier of the bill, don’t forget the smaller stages need love too. Also announced yesterday were the Wench’s Bay and Trinity Vale arena lineups that feature names from the Audiophile Records collective and Slice Gang Records among other talented artists. May 5-7 cannot come soon enough as Houston continues their hot streak of bringing in an eclectic mix of mainstream and underground music that Day For Night left them nicely wrapped up and tied with a bow.