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5 Must-See Artists to Catch At CRSSD This Year

Image: Felicia Garcia

With CRSSD Festival fast approaching – happening March 4th and 5th in San Diego, CA – it’s clear that festival season is finally kicking off. And, of course, we wouldn’t want to start it any other way than with making our way down to Southern California for one of the most impressive lineups we’ve seen in a long time.

Being indecisive about who you want to see? Need a second opinion on the sets you’re going to want to catch? Instead of recommending the big hitters you need to catch (Flume, Duke Dumont, the usual suspects, all of which are guaranteed to have amazing performances), we wanted to change it up and give you a taste of some of the best electronic DJs you may not know about, but need to see. Here are five of the must-see electronic music artists you should absolutely catch at the two-day event.

1. Seth Troxler B2B Eats Everything

London artist Seth Troxler is a true techno artist that seems to turn everything that he touches into gold. His sets have constantly left us breathless, as his intermixing of tracks is truly an art we have yet to see any other techno DJ master so well. His minimalistic style with intermittent vocals will give you goosebumps.

Seth will be playing B2B with Eats Everything, another killer underground artist who kicked his journey off back in 2011 and is truly one of the UK’s finest in the dance music world. You won’t want to miss these two playing together, as two is always better than one – especially when it comes to techno.


HVOB is quite an intriguing duo, hailing from Vienna. HVOB actually stands for “Her Voice Over Boys” and speaks to the entire idea behind the project: as Beatport writes, “HVOB is synonymous with intelligent, emotive and melodic, sophisticated electronic music – with more than a feminine touch.” Anna Muller, age 25, plans, creates and produces the vocals, and Paul Wallner works on track production. Their performances are not only touching, but also powerful and beautiful to watch.

3. Justin Martin

Dirtybird Records original Justin Martin is a personal favorite here at EDMTunes and continually impresses us with his live performances. The San Francisco native is a master in the worlds of house and techno, throwing down powerful, catchy and entrancing tracks that’ll keep you locked at the stage for the entire set. We guarantee it.

4. Lane 8

Lane 8, also known as Daniel Goldstein, is a producer and DJ originating from the US known for his mastery of house music. His tracks are emotionally fueled and filled with a funky mix of electronica feels, melodic instruments and a wonderfully catchy baseline. His most recent endeavor is a label and tour called “This Never Happened”, in which he asks participants and show attendees to remove themselves from their phones and photos so that they can truly enjoy the experience to the fullest extent and be present. Catch his set at CRSSD, and you too, will get quite an experience.

5. Âme

Âme is a German duo made of Kristian Beyer & Frank Wiedemann that continually brings the most mind-boggling, experimental, and yet utterly captivating tracks to the dancefloor. When you enter an Âme set, you enter an entirely new world – one where boundaries do not exist, where genres are blended and where the concept of dance music is molded into exactly what Beyer and Wiedemann feel it needs to be. Whether a DJ or live set, their influences are impressively combined and infused into a performance that’s hard to walk away from.

Torie Richardson
Torie Richardson
Editor In Chief. San Francisco. Haus, techno and music festivals.
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