The Chainsmokers Respond to Nickelback Comparison


Well, leave it up to the internet’s 24 hour news cycle to constantly keep us entertained. Amidst sending out the link to the viral article that brilliantly called The Chainsmokers the Nickelback of EDM, the duo came back with a response.

While the original article harshly called out The Chainsmokers and Nickelback on selling “their lowest-common-denominator sound using shameless sexism,” it did bring up a couple fair points. Some similarities even left us wondering if EDM was getting too big and was going to see the same fall from grace that “post-grunge arena rock” did.  In response to the article, the duo uploaded a response video on Instagram that the internet world is losing it over. Singing and playing ‘Paris’ and hilariously transitioning into ‘How You Remind Me’ in what they dubbed the “mashup that no one wanted.”  Say what you may, but we have to commend Drew and Alex on their top notch sense of humor.  Touché boys, touché.

Welp, here’s the nickelback x chainsmokers mashup that no one wanted..

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