Coachella Previews Hans Zimmer Performance


Coachella boasted another impressive lineup this year, but one artist caused a bit of head scratching on the part of the fans. That is renowned orchestral producer Hans Zimmer, who you might know from his work creating the soundtracks forĀ The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar. Clearly, many people were wondering what exactly his performance would be like and how it could fit in at Coachella.

Coachella went ahead and posted a video preview of a Hans Zimmer performance so the fans could get a taste of what is to come. Dance music fans should also know that Hans Zimmer produced the Tomorrowland theme song and performed there in the past as well. You can check out Zimmer’s work on the Tomorrowland video above and then check out the live preview for Coachella below.