Getter, Josh Pan and GTA Go B2B2B for Massive Holy Ship! Set



Getter, Josh Pan and GTA Go B2B2B

You weirdos ready for something crazy? Good. Here we go. Last month, Holy Ship!, which is the craziest and most raucous party on the water took place across two weekends. Those lucky enough to be a part of the voyage usually get to have some very unique experiences and witness live sets that only those on the ship get to be a part of. That is, unless those DJs record it and drop it on SoundCloud which is what we have today with the release of a massive live set from Getter, Josh Pan, and GTA titled “DJing on Acid Ep. 1“.

Why is it called that you ask? Take a guess! As you start to get into the set, you’ll notice right away that the mix is all over the place with a ton of IDs that may or may not get released. The mix is highlighted with a ton of dubstep and trap tracks from producers like JOYRYDE, Anna Lunoe and some soft-spoken interlude explanations of the set itself (which are rather comical). Bottom line, as weird as this set is, it’s definitely worth the listen and if you’re wondering if Holy Ship! is a good time, check out Getter’s personal video of his experience and see the debauchery first hand.

Getter, Josh Pan, and GTA Go B2B2B for Holy Ship!