Intel Drones Light Up Super Bowl Halftime Show


The Super Bowl. The biggest game and the most-watched broadcast of the year reaching millions of viewers worldwide. In the sports world, last night’s Super Bowl LI will be remembered for the New England Patriots unprecedented comeback. For the rest of the world, it will be remembered because of the halftime show. For those that missed it, Lady Gaga performed and began her performance with a serenade of ‘God Bless America’ on top of Houston’s NRG Stadium. Her backup dancers; Drones.

Yes, 300 drones lit up the night sky in a patriotic red, white, and blue, as Lady Gaga kicked off her performance. These drones called, Shooting Stars, are powered by Intel and have the ability to move and light up in unison, while being completely controlled by a single computer. This technology seems to be in its infancy, but Intel has stated that the scale could increase upwards to 10,000 drones at a time.

Imagine this technology at a festival… Suddenly the stage goes dark and just feet above you the stars in the sky come to life. The music slowly fades back and as if orchestrated by other worldly beings the stars begin to dance to the sounds being played by the DJ. Stay tuned for more updates as this revolutionary technology collides with fantasy to create an incredible and surreal experience for festivalgoers.

H/T: TechCrunch