Kaskade – Let It Out ft. Haley


Let It Out

 Kaskade – Let It Out ft. Haley

Kaskade just dropped a brand new track for his fans with little warning.  The renowned producer and DJ combines forces with singer Haley Gibbs, who he has worked with in the past, to bring you a unique powerful ballad that will be a stand out. Entitled ‘Let It Out’, the track has a raw clean cut sound that lets the singer and lyrics breathe.

‘Let It Out’ builds on a soft piano intro and layers the whispering vocals of Haley with delicate off-beat drum beats and electronic synths.  The power and focus of the song is placed on the vocalist and lyrics making this song one of Kaskade’s more emotional and heartfelt releases.

Kaskade has several performances and tour dates lined up for 2017, including Shaky Beats in Atlanta, Snowbombing festival in Canada, and a month-long tour in Brazil.

Take a listen to the new track below.

 Kaskade – Let It Out ft. Haley