Lightning In A Bottle Announces “The Compass”, New Educational Workshops and Content Offerings



Lightning in a Bottle is continuing to play its role as one of the most forward-thinking West Coast festivals with the announcement of its newest program, The Compass, an “an evolution of our educational workshops and content offerings.”

On the LiB website introducing the program, The Do LaB writes:

“Overall, The Compass will be a refresh of our educational offerings with a focus on workshop and speakers that help us become more knowledgeable, engaged, and effective citizens. These include classes on grassroots political activism, social justice, climate change and indigenous land rights, digital activism, digital rights and cryptography, identifying truth in journalism and social media, decolonization, art activism, and more. At the same time, our existing offerings around personal growth and healing, healthy living, and spiritual connection will continue so that LIB remains a place of education as well as sanctuary.”

The Compass includes a number of content partners: Bioneers, Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN), Planet Experts, and Living Village Culture (LVC).

With this new program taking initiative at the 2017 event, we’re looking forward to an array of intriguing, thought-provoking workshops and speaker sessions that will speak to all of us in our own way. Keep an eye out for more details around these specifics, as they’ll be announced in the coming weeks.

You can purchase your tickets to the 2017 event, happening over Memorial Day Weekend in Bradley, CA, on the LiB website.