Mass Overdosing Occurs At Electric Paradise Music Festival


electric parade Electric Parade Music Festival was held in Melbourne, Australia this past Saturday at Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Chaos hit the festival as more than 20 individuals were rushed to the hospital in serious condition after a mass overdosing occurred.

Most of the affected suffering from a suspected overdose on GHB, and reports of a synthetic version being ingested have also surfaced. The local hospitals were “overwhelmed by the number of patients” as the night went on, having to spread them out between multiple nearby hospitals.

Paramedics rushed 21 people from the festival grounds, and some of those patients are now being reported as in critical condition. When asked about the incident, Commander Paul Horman of Ambulance Victoria stated: “There is a potential always that with people that are taking illicit drugs and substances, there’s a risk they’re going to die. That we haven’t seen that tonight is probably good luck more than anything else.”

H/T Huffington Post