Organizers of Coachella Plan a New Festival for Colorado


Anschutz Entertainment Group(AEG)‘s subsidiary Goldenvoice, who are the organizers of Coachella, has teamed up with Bonnaroo and Outside Lands organizer, Superfly, to bring forth a brand new festival to Colorado.

Denver’s Overland Park Golf Course is being evaluated for one of the potential locations for the festival — having the ability to hold many thousands of festival goers. The planning for this festival has been underway since as early as 2010 according to Chuck Morris, the CEO of AEG Live Rocky Mountains.

Festival attendees can expect a huge spectrum of musical artists and different stages. The festival is tentatively planned to happen during one weekend in 2018, with approximately 30,000 to 60,000 fans!

Westword, a Denver publication, stated of the festival that “Morris and his colleagues see potential — not just in run-of-the-mill stadium concerts, but in creating a festival experience with multiple stages and a bevy of musical acts, akin to Coachella, if slightly smaller, at least in the beginning.”

This will certainly be exciting to see the plans for the festival develop — this is an event you won’t want to miss!