This POV MDMA Experience Will Take You to a New World


MDMA is a drug that surrounds the electronic dance community whether people like it or not. It’s not something that should be used irresponsibly and after going to a lot of shows, anyone will realize that people that use the substance make up a smaller percentage than expected. This week, one YouTuber created a POV simulation video for curious viewers to take a look at.

The video is similar to what a person would see while taking MDMA. The music is thumping like a heartbeat, light is scattered and almost looks as though it’s coming out at you. The multi-colored lights are almost trailing and like any type of intoxication, vision is increasingly blurred. The video was made to simulate the visual experience of the drug and it should be noted that there are a lot of physical sensations that go along with it that cannot be expressed in the video.

The creator of the video, AVI LSD, tackles a plethora of substances and (hopefully) deters viewers from these substances. He even has a video to simulate an LSD experience that you can watch below.

Watch the POV experience below and tell us what you think!

H/T: Stoney Roads