Snapchat Lenses Will Soon Feature Real-World Object Recognition


The continuously evolving company Snap, Inc. – who dominates the social media world with their app Snapchat – is in the process of releasing yet another new feature. Snapchat Lenses is undoubtedly the most popular feature on the social media app, and with this new feature, it’s about to get even more fun.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the app’s Lenses function, it’s the entertaining, interactive feature on the app that allows the user to morph faces into performing certain actions such as spitting rainbows from your mouth or growing a set of animal ears. These features are not only funny and cute but have been a huge revenue generator for the app as well.

After Snap, Inc. released its first physical product last year with the Snapchat Spectacles, users of the app wondered what their next innovation would offer. Snapchat is now set to release a brand new Lenses feature that will allow the app to recognize real-world objects opposed to just faces. According the reports, the new feature will allow the users to apply interactive filters to real life objects to enhance the ability of the app.

Snapchat is known to maximize on promotion opportunities by creating unique temporary Lenses to promote events including movie releases. Their new feature is expected to be able to recognize brands which will surely create an opening for more promotional opportunities.

Although there is no set timeline for this new feature, the new Snapchat Lenses filters will be available on Android and iOS devices upon its release.

H/T: Your EDM