Boombox Cartel – Jefe


Boombox Cartel - JefeBoombox Cartel – Jefe

Boombox Cartel has put me through fear and heartbreak. They’ve put me through confusion and grief. This time had a moment of hope and positive predictions as well. It’s enough to say that it’s been an exciting story to tell in the past few weeks.

It all started with a media blackout. A simple farewell message to leave us all hanging. After two weeks and a dwindling hope for a return, a dramatic message with an evolved look rebranded the duo’s account to give insight for what’s to come. But what was about to come? There were plenty of guesses but now we know the answer to that.


This vibrant, rejuvenating, synth shattering track to head bang into the unfolded mystery has turned our heads to the Boombox Cartel. Just like their posts on social media, the start leaves you in confusion for what is about to come and then BAM! Sirens, crazed samples and echoes (oh man, the echoes) take over and the producers initiate the same feeling as riding the rail at midnight.

Take your ears for a wild ride and listen to this one. Enjoy!

Boombox Cartel – Jefe