Elephante Dishes During Miami Music Week


Progressive House DJ and Producer Tim Wu better known by his stage name Elephante took a moment out of a jam packed Miami Music Week to chat with EDMtunes. He filled us in on his future plans, his classical music background, and what he had in store for Miami Music Week.

What do you have planned this week for MMW?

I am playing Elleven Friday night with 3LAU, SNBRN, Justin Caruso, The HIM, and Young Bombs. I’m definitely looking forward to it and am excited.

How many years have you been to UMF/MMW? As an attendee and as a DJ? What’s been your fondest memory thus far?

I’ve been coming to Miami Music Week for three years. In the beginning I didn’t pace myself. I was not playing during my first visit so I was just attending. But I’m a little older and mature now so I know how to last the whole week. 

You have created some phenomenal remixes recently that are reminiscent of Zedd’s early style. How would you describe your approach to production and creating your sound?

Thank you I am a fan of Zedd as well. My style is very melodic. I try to use a lot of melodies on my sound so you can expect that in my music. I don’t want to aim for a certain style though because when you copy a style you aren’t really playing as yourself. I try to stay genuine and let the music speak for itself.

So you have an academic background in music, correct? What made you want to dive into that? When you minored in music what was your focus/instrument? How did you balance that with economics?

I’m classical trained in piano since I was little. I took music to pad and better my grade, I did not do really well with my subject..haha. I took a jazz improve class and played jazz guitar because I liked the solos more. I Lost my piano chops by then so that’s why I did guitar

With this background, what was your first rise into the electronic music scene – your first “I made it big” moment?

My first aha moment was when I heard the audience sing my vocals back. Also i did a remix for Galantis and they liked it. Then I met them in person and they already knew who is I was so that was cool

 What are some of your future goals musically and non-musically?

Finishing up my spring tour, have a bunch of shows coming up through May, then some festivals this summer. Also working on music constantly, have a bunch of stuff done that will be coming out in the next couple months.

If you were stranded on a desert island what is one thing you would bring with you?

If I was on a stranded island I would bring a boat, a plane, what are the rules??…haha. I would bring an iPod with world on it. I’d bring a guitar.

How has your blonde makeover affected your career?

HAHAHA….My hair has gotten some looks but I’m just expressing myself. I’d rather do something now and look back at it later and laugh at it rather than not ever try it.